Sweet Pee Cat Litter

Retail Price: 13.00

Our Price: $10.70
Sweet Pee Cat Litter (Plant Fibre) 1.1kg

Revolutionary New Product
100% Organic & 100% Safe

1.1kg of Sweet Pee = 15 kg clumping cat sand = 25kg traditional cat sand

-Absorbs odour and moisture for up to 35 days

Usage :
Step 1 : Pour 1 full bag of Sweet Pee 1.1kg into litter tray. Do not leave partial for later use. (Sweet pee pellets are designed to share equal amount of moisture/urine contents. 1.1kg of Sweet Pee pellets is calculated to be enough for 1 fully grown cat)

Step 2 : Stir Sweet Pee with a scoop or stick daily to mix used pellets with unused ones so that all share equal amount of moisture/urine content. Remove droppings and leave an even surface for next use.

Step 3 : Disposal : Once Sweet Pee pellets are fully exhausted after 30 to 35 days or when slight odor is preset, dispose all Sweet Pee from the litter tray and replace with a new bag as Step 1.