Dayang R61 Rabbit Cage with Pull-out Tray (Improved version of F21)

From the reliable Dayang brand. This is the bigger version of Dayang R51, a good option for those who'd like to provide a bigger space for their bunnies.
Available in 2 colors, Pink or Beige

Superb design n vast improvement over F21 and other cages!
* Reinforce plastic door
* Wheels with stopper
* SINGLE piece pee guard with no joint, and metal cage is secure at TOP part of the peeguard. It's unlike other cages that has the metal "sitting" on the cage base, which will trap urine.  

Measurement: (L)82.5 x (W)55 x (H)67.5cm

Retail Price: $275.00

Our Price: $210.00